Gnostic Alliance

A Multi-Faith Organization For All Those Who Are Seeking Gnosis

Welcome to the Gnostic Alliance Online!

The Gnostic Alliance is a new International Multi-Faith Organization devoted to helping our members realize a personal relationship with their God (or Goddess).

We recognize that each and every human being is in the process of Spiritual Growth: Reaching Out to Know God. And we recognize that there is more than one path to knowing God.

At the Gnostic Alliance Forum (find link lower on this page) We discuss several Paths to knowing God (or Goddess), as a means to helping you (our member) to reach enlightenment, through friendly discussion and study.

Our overall purpose for forming this alliance is to share the Gnosis. Gnosis = Knowledge.

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A Message From Rev. Aratron:
A trusted member of my inner circle has betrayed me and I have banned him from the Gnostic Alliance Group at MSN Groups. The time has come to separate the wheet from the chaff, the goats from the sheep. Who will answer my call?
Rev. Aratron

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